Safari Ranch

Bordering Zimbabwe on the banks of the Limpopo River, lies 10,000 ha (22,000 acres) of unspoiled bushveld called Popallin Ranch.

Your question is why Popallin Ranch, as there are so many others that offers the same?  

Yes, they say they do but they cannot as you will still be close to a city and you might see the occasional animal and it will be the same as the one you have seen a thousand times in your local zoo, whilst at night listening to your neighbour’s drunkenness and loud television and lookup at the night sky to see only smog and satellites glistening in the sky.

But you did not travel thousands of miles to Africa to go to a shopping mall or stay in a little town next to the city.

No, you came all this way to experience the real African bush and all it has to offer and that is where Popallin Ranch hits the mark.

We are 40 kilometres away from the well-renowned Kruger National Park via the Pafuri Gate.    

We are in the Limpopo Valley on the border of Zimbabwe’s bush.

You can look up at night and enjoy seeing a clear starry expanse including the Southern-Cross, the Milky way and more, all visible with the naked eye.

Be amazed by the myriad of constellations that can be viewed, and learn of the African legends that best define them.

Close your eyes and above the crackling fire you will hear the sounds of the African bush around you, lions roaring, hyenas laughing, the bush coming alive as it makes way for the wildlife to complete the circle of life.

Lie in bed in your bungalow or tent and you will still hear Africa speaking to you.

If you listen close enough you might even hear the drums.  

To put it simply is that you find your inner sanctuary (peace) here at Popallin Ranch.

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”

 Karen Blixen, Out of Africa.

But we are versatile and cater for more than one need - here is only a short list of them but do visit our activities page for more detail.   

Be assured that some of these activities may sound a bit noisy, but it is presented in such a sense that they do not disturb the wildlife or any visitor to Popallin Ranch that is not part of the activities.

We have 22,000 acres of bush and that is more than enough for everyone to enjoy themselves without disturbing others.

All these activities are nature friendly.

Take the 4 x 4 activities for example, a family of elephants do more damage to the bush than we do, as our track is in the dry-bed of the Limpopo and that is washed away every year when the Limpopo floods its banks.    

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