Do remember when packing though that laundry is washed on a daily basis at the ranch.

Our electrical current in South Africa is 220 volt, hence the need for the correct converter.

Also, anti-malaria medication is highly recommended before and during your visit since Popallin is classified as a malaria-area.

Although no cases were reported in the last few years but prevention is always better than cure.

Your camera with plenty of film  or data cards and a good pair of binoculars, are definitely additional must-haves as we assure that there will be many moments that you'll want to capture forever.

Then, in terms of an appropriate dress code, lightweight garments, in addition to comfortable hiking boots; while sunscreen, sunglasses and a protective hat are necessary for extremely hot, sunny days.

However, sweaters and windproof jackets should be included for morning or evening expeditions.