If you normally read from  left to right, your brain gets accustomed to skipping letters and even sometimes words as your brain recognises the first letter or phrase and adjusts itself for you to read the sentence.

In the bush the same thing happens when you look from left to right in that your brain skips over certain areas and therefore you do not see “through the bush” but you rather stare at the trees and scrubs and cannot penetrate your vision through it.

The best way to “look through the bush” is to slowly scan the area in the opposite direction in which you read.

That means if you read left to right then scan right to left and visa versa.

Another helpful tip is whilst scanning in the opposite direction in which you normally read is to also look at the bases of the scrubs and trees and you will pick up the animal’s legs or see the tail moving.

Now look at the picture again by scanning in the opposite way in which you read.

See! - it works.

Come visit us and test your new skill on a game drive and see if you can beat the Ranger in spotting the animals before he can.