Wildlife viewing

Game drives, boat cruises and guided walks, offer our guests unforgettable wildlife viewing.

At sunrise or sunset, professional rangers take parties out in 4 x 4 Land Cruisers equipped with refreshments and medical supplies.

This is one of the ultimate African safari experiences as you tear through bush and tall grass in pursuit of local wildlife.

Game drives typically last for about two hours, during which time you may concentrate on tracking down a particular species or group of animals, or cover a large area of the ranch, on the prowl for a variety of antelope.

Rangers are skilled at picking up clues as to the whereabouts of types of game, and will ensure that if there is not an abundance of wildlife to be seen at that time, your tour will be just as interesting as they impart knowledge of local plant and insect life, and the balance of the ecosystem in this part of the world.

Bird watching

Popallin Safari Ranch has some 350 bird species that include the Long-tailed Glossy Starling and the Pels Fishing Owl.

While game viewing is the primary activity that guests return time and time again to Popallin for, there are a wide variety of other enjoyable and unique pastimes at the ranch to ensure that your stay is both distinctive and memorable.

One such pastime is bird watching.

People have always enjoyed looking at and listening to some 250-bird species on the ranch, and an increasing number have taken an interest in identifying and recording what they see.

This creates even greater support for wildlife conservation measures and for ecological awareness in general.

In fact, many amateur bird watchers have gone well beyond the "bird-listing" stage and have made important contributions to local ornithology.

Kruger National Park

Day trips can be arranged to the famous Kruger National Park, some 40 km from Popallin Ranch.

One of the ten largest national parks in the world and covering approximately 19 485 sq. km of ground, the Kruger Park is home to 140 species of mammals, 450 bird, 114 reptile, 40 fish and 33 amphibian varieties.

Of the larger mammals, elephants, hippopotamuses, buffalo, zebras, giraffes, lions, and various kinds of African antelope, such as wildebeests, impalas, kudu, and waterbuck are most common.

Additionally, both black and white rhinoceroses were recently reintroduced successfully after having been wiped out early in the 20th century.

Visitors may observe wildlife year-round from their vehicles on 1417 miles of road, or they may explore on foot along five wilderness trails.

There are 24 rest camps that can accommodate 6000 visitors at a time.


A gorgeous land-locked African state.


The total area of the country is 150,873 sq miles and the capital is now known as Harare.

Excursions to the spectacular Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River that borders Zimbabwe and Zambia are frequently organized.

The African name for the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means 'smoke that thunders' because of the sheer magnitude of the waterfall's drop.

A railroad bridge completed in 1905 spans the gorge below it.

The earliest known civilization in Zimbabwe was based on the exploitation of rich deposits of gold.

Bantu invaders conquered the area perhaps as early as AD 800 and began the Great Zimbabwe complex, now in ruins, near Masvingo.

This is a great tourist attraction and forms the backdrop for the famous Sir Henry Rider Haggard novel, King Solomon's Mines


Under a great, clear starry expanse listen to the hushed tones of those in the know as they tell tales of the Southern-Cross, the Milky way and more, all visible with the naked eye.

Be amazed by the myriad of constellations that can be viewed, and learn of the African legends that best define them.

Venda Village

Venda village was constructed on the ruins of an original Venda dwelling that was inhabited over 100 years ago.

Guests can enjoy dinner under the African sky while the beating of the drums accompany the Venda dancers doing the domba dance.

Ululating Vendan women put on a vivid, multihued spectacle under the African stars in true traditional fashion.

Through their energetic movements they tell stories and legends, work through tribal issues and provide entertainment.

The Venda have inhabited the area for many centuries and established a kingdom here in about the 17th century.

Thereafter, Venda became classified as a Bantustan or black homeland, with some measure of autonomy from the then South African government.

However, in 1994, the area was incorporated into the newly formed Northern province and falls under the defined borders of South Africa once more.

So enjoy the crackle of an open campfire, be lulled by the exquisite melodies and enjoy just one facet of this country's cultural heritage.

Other stone-age sites

Several stone·age sites are present on Popallin Safari Ranch where an abundance of Early, Middle and Late stone-age tools can be found.

The Big Tree

Take a short trip to view the largest tree in the Southern Hemisphere.

This Baobab tree is more than 2,000 years old and has a circumference of more than 50 meters.

Nature’s Potholes

The extraordinary Limpopo River potholes.

4X4 and quad bike tracks

Popallin Safari Ranch hosts a 35 km mixed terrain challenge, meandering in and around the spectacular setting of the Limpopo River.

Quads are available for hire.


A wide variety of fish species can be found in the waters at Popallin Safari Ranch - among others are Tiger fish, Carp and Tilapia.

Gravel Airstrip

Fly - in holidays and Fly - in weekends.


A 9 hole 18 tee mixed par 3, 4, and 5 Safari Golf Course, with a total length of 4000 meters, offers the keen golfer a distinctive golfing experience in a unique bushveld setting.

Golf carts and dubs are available for hire.

Breeding Programme

White and brown lion and disease-free buffalo breeding project.


How about a romantic bushveld wedding?

Popallin Ranch is the only venue where you can get married in the dry bed of the Limpopo river.


Well-equipped conference facility for up to 40 people.

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