The Ellis’

I would like to start this letter by thanking you so very much for welcoming Sharon and I into your home and making us feel so much like part of your family.

It was truly wonderful and I can honestly say that our stay at the ranch was one of best experiences we have ever had together as a couple.

We had looked forward to the trip for so long, and yet at the same time were worried about so much.

However, on arrival, all our fears were allayed.

Peet Jr. was quite correct in saying at the time that we would come onto the ranch as clients and leave as friends.

We now feel as if we have made some extremely good friends, and would like very much to continue that friendship well into the future.

Sharon and I loved every aspect of the ranch and found the staff to be particularly attentive, pleasant and caring, always making sure that our needs were met.

Again, thank you so much for making us feel so special.

Sincerely, Pat and Sharon Ellis.

Charles Bar

+(502) 895 1182

Cecil Martin

+(502) 781 9438

Hondo Pendleton

+(502) 782 9916

Frank Slachman

+(916) 944 4411

Cyril D'Souza

74 Golden Tulip Cr.

Markham Ontario

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