The Popallin Safari Ranch Golf Course

The Popallin Safari Ranch golf course is unquestionably set in one of South Africa's finest, most beautiful settings and offers an extremely gratifying golfing experience.

Peet Bezuidenhout, owner of Popallin Safari Ranch and CEO of Wonder Gardens golf course constructions has overseen many prestigious golf course developments.

Pooling his expertise with other renowned golf course designers, Popallin Safari Ranch presents golfers with a unique golfing destination.

Holes on the course vary in par from 3 to 5 with distances from tee to green ranging from 129m to 485m.

The course boasts many feature holes - one in particular - a par 3, playing across the Nkwadzi dam to a green nestled between Malala palms, with the playing length varying from 129m to 200m.

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